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| Events - Circus Space

The Connected Circus operates a large, mobile entertainment space for events of all sizes. There are several different Spaces that you can choose to include;

Participants can explore a range of props with assistance from instructors. These props include Hula hoops, Pois, Spinning plates, Rolla Bollas, Flowerstix, Diablos and other juggling items.

A range of fun board games for all ages including; Chess, Checkers, Cups, Connect 4, Jenga & many others.

A range of outdoor games like  Finska, Bocce, Giant Jenga, Ring Toss, Balance beams, Stilts, Hopscotch, Totem Tennis.

This space has floor matting, blocks, trains and fun toys for the littlies.

Performances and Workshops can be included in this space. These Spaces can also be accessed at night using our UV lighting and funky decorations option to create an eye-catching addition for your nighttime event.

| Face Painting

You can hire up to 4 Face-painters to work at your event. You can also include this with our Circus space. Families wanting to get face-painted by our staff, will use our unique ‘deli’ system. Children and adults can play with Circus props while waiting for their number to be called without the long, frustrating queues.

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| Roving Characters

We have a range of fun and engaging, interactive Roving Characters that you can hire out for your events, festivals & corporate events.

Our characters include; Viking Tourists, The Pirate MCs, Nimble Ninjas, The Green Pixie and her pet Minotaur, Viking Security, Over the Top Game Show Hosts, Medieval Makeovers and the LED SteamFunk Robots.

| Fire Performances

Hire us for an exciting Fire performance at your next event, wedding, festival or corporate event. We can also tailor the music and performance to your event or theme.

Our Fire performers at the Connected Circus perform anywhere and everywhere with a range of Fire props including; Poi, Dragonstaff, Fire Fans, Staffs, Hoops, Rope Darts, Whips and more.

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